Can Facial Exercises Work As Good AS Facelift Surgery?

Physical exercise of any kind is healthy for the body and skin. There are number of informational websites that argue to the contrary, only when facial exercise and plastic surgery become parallel. They say facial exercises don’t give the same results as plastic surgery. Though facial exercises take only a few minutes and are completely non-expensive and no-cost alternative to cosmetic surgery-medical reports say that the repetition of “blink-squint-grimace” doesn’t help.

1. Aging Affects

Facelift Surgery

The gradual loss of facial fat, drooping skin, and wrinkles are the aging signs that will happen and are inescapable. Other extrinsic factors as smoking and sun exposure can hasten along creases and lines. Gravity does not spare anyone from its rule of continuous pull on the body causing noticeable changes. However, the changes made due to the routine expressions leave permanent marks on the face.

2. Facial Exercise Argument

Facial Exercise Argument

Facial exercises are considered as a strong alternative to plastic surgery-as stated and sold by promoters of facial exercises. The argument used to win this comparison includes facts as; facial exercises are directly attached to the face muscle and not the bone and therefore should be more effective. If you consider the entire situation theoretically, working the face muscle should result in smoother and tighter skin.

However, despite the continuous facial exercises, the skin is still sagging. So if you are among the ones supporting facial exercises -look in the mirror while performing these exercises. Do you not see grooves, wrinkles, or laugh lines with muscle contraction? These exercises along with contraction of muscle merely make them more prominent.

3. Expert’s Intel for Facial Exercise Feedback

Expert’s advice on Facial Exercise

Expert’s advice all the people who perform facial exercises to stop before further the problems get compound. A dermatologist we met does not support the idea of using facial exercises for preventing aging, yet the doctor does say they are beneficial only in controlled conditions. The doctor does however claim that on moving the facial skin, as it ages, people manipulate it further which causes wrinkles and loss of tightness.

4. Facial Exercises vs. Facelift Surgery

Facial Exercises vs. Facelift Surgery

Our visit to Crispin Plastic Surgery center for Facelifts in Atlanta revealed to us these details; facial exercises don’t have physical downside but sagging of neck, drooping of jowls, and lines around lips cannot benefit from these exercises. Facelift surgery is a procedure that removes fat and excess skin and pulls the hanging skin back. As a result skin tightens and enhances the bone structure of the skin to give you a younger looking face.

Facelift surgery that uses laser treatment is less invasive though the results attained from facelift with laser are not that pronounced as that of facelift plastic surgery. Either case, surgeries do result in achieving results and enhanced appearance as compared to facial exercises. Moreover, Facelift surgery has become the most common and favorite plastic surgery procedure liked by women all around the world.

Facelift addresses all signs of aging and have long lasting results as well. Plastic surgery has more daunting endeavor results as compared to facial exercises. In the start you face will show signs of bruising and swelling, but will fade away after few weeks of the surgery. However, do consult a plastic surgeon for deciding on the treatments recommended for you.


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