Best Suspension Trainers – Guide and Reviews in 2018

Suspension trainers are the best thing that can happen to a workout enthusiast. So if you are looking for the best suspension trainers for your daily workouts then you are on the right path. And I know how important finding the best suspension trainers is important to you.

The many suspension brands available in the market can be a nightmare to an individual especially if you don't have any clue on choosing the suspension trainers. With almost all brands claiming to be the best in the market, the whole selecting thing becomes even more complicated.

But worry not, since we are here to help you. Just have a list of must-have features for your suspension trainers together. And with the help of this review and see how the selecting process will become easy.

Things To Consider When Purchasing The Best Suspension Trainers

It's always very important to have a number of factors that will guide you through when purchasing the best suspension trainer. So that you can know what you are looking for in your suspension trainers.


There are some individuals who hate to be restricted to one particular place even for their workout space areas. So it's important to know whether you want a suspension that is very versatile or not according to your taste and preference.

Quality Type

Having a suspension trainer with high quality is very essential. It's very important to know whether the suspension trainer model that you want to purchase is of high quality or not.

Anchor Straps Type

Purchasing a suspension trainer with military anchor straps that fit most doorways, treetrucks, branches and even rafters is very good since you can easily workout whenever you want to.


Having a suspension trainer that has a compact design and very portable is necessary. Since it can easily fit the small string bag and makes its transportation very easy.

Simple Setup

Most individuals love suspension trainers that are very easy to setup. I mean who would want to have a suspension trainer that consumes most of your time setting it up anyway.

Recommended Best Suspension Trainers

After a very thorough research and a good deal of testing the various suspension trainers model in the market, I was able to come up with this amazing list of the best suspension trainers for your workouts.

Product Image

Product Name

Editor Rating


.WOSS AttackTrainer Made in USA - PRO Suspension Fitness System

WOSS AttackTrainer Made in USA - PRO Suspension Fitness System

GYMSTUFF G-STRAP (6 COLORS) Suspension Body Fitness Trainer

Boss Fitness Products - Suspension Fitness Trainer

FITMYFAVO Military Grade Suspension Straps

FITMYFAVO Military Grade Suspension Straps

TRX Suspension Trainer

.WOSS AttackTrainer Made in USA - PRO Suspension Fitness System

Editor Rating:

I love working out using suspensions particularly the Woss model, maybe it's because of its impressive results.

Plus it's easy to fall in love with it so it fits any individual who is willing to work out.

Woss Professional Grade System

The suspension system is a USA made using the most modern and top glass grade US military webbing. I love its grips since they are made using rubber sleeve and its cores are amazingly strong


The Woss suspension trainers are very strong during workouts. So regardless of your weight, you can enjoy your workout without much worry about your safety because it's incredibly strong.

Full Body Quick Start Exercises Sheet

The suspension comes with a full body quick start exercises sheet that will always guide the user on various workouts the suspension can be used for.

When I purchased this suspension for my workouts, I didn't know what to do, but the exercise sheet made it possible for me to learn the 18 different exercises that I can do using them.

Black Military Anchor Straps

The anchor straps have a built-in door anchor that can be used to fix the suspension in tree trunks, branches, rafters, and doors. Plus it's very easy to fit the anchors to their bar.

GYMSTUFF G-STRAP (6 COLORS) Suspension Body Fitness Trainer.

Editor Rating:

With the very many suspension models available in the market right now, using this suspension model brand reminds us that there are still awesome suspension models available in the market that can give us the best performance.

Easy Setup Guide Included

The suspension is always very easy to setup and comes with its setup guide for easy setup instructions. Plus it comes with an extension link, door anchor and drawstring carry bag for easy transportation.

Best Quality

Most suspensions sold these days are of poor quality especially those form online market. But I love this model's quality since its very best compared to other suspension models. It has the new military locking carabiner hooks with a wrench too.


The suspension is 100% guaranteed satisfactions. It has extension links for both gym and park use extras. I don't think one can resist this suspension plus its always very effective with the best performance you could think of.

Product Evolution

Over the years, the suspension has been evolving for the better in accordance with its customer's advice. Believe me, I noticed the difference between a 2014 make and this new 2016 make which is much better and effective.

Boss Fitness Products - Suspension Fitness Trainer

Editor Rating:

It's a great splash and a fun way of taking your fitness to a whole new level. I love its design, and I think the features are pretty innovative too.

So for a perfect and effective workout session just use this amazing model.

Tension Capacity

The boss suspension fitness is designed to withstand up to 880 pounds of weight which is very impressive. I love this tension capacity since it can allow an oversize person to work out too.


It comes with a 30-day money back warranty that makes one to trust the quality of these suspensions. Therefore, it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to its users and am sure one can never feel unsatisfied with its performances.


The suspension door anchors can be used in any doorway which doesn't restrict the user in just one place. Plus the straps are adjustable when it comes to its length allowing one to have a variety of exercises.


The suspension is made from a heavy duty nylon webbing. Thus, this suspension can be used by overweight persons since it can support a maximum weight of 400 pounds.

FITMYFAVO Military Grade Suspension Straps

Editor Rating:

The suspension model is a bit common with most workout enthusiasts attesting to their love for this model.

I love everything about it from its amazing design to its versatility and effective performances.


I have never found enough reason as to why I would rather spend more money on an overpriced suspension when I can get a good suspension for a lower pocket-friendly price. I mean why I need to purchase an expensive suspension that has the same quality with a much cheaper suspension.


The suspension comes with an amazing antitheft better known as a screw-locked carabiner that provides the user with the much security needed whenever the suspensions are stored away. The rubber grips are gentle on the user's hand while the padded foot cradles protect one's ankles from any external injuries.

Adjustable Strap

Comfort is very important when you are engaged in any workout. The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to fit the blaster well. It also features a neoprene neck pad that brings additional comfort.

Simple Assembling

The suspensions are very simple to assemble and just take up to 60 seconds when assembling it. The easy to follow guide also directs you on achieving the much desired full body workout.


The full set of the suspension has a compact design that makes it very portable. It is very easy to pack the suspension in a small carrying bag which is very easy to carry. Plus it occupies much less space when storing it.

TRX Suspension Trainer

Editor Rating:

Maybe am being cynical, but I love how this suspension packaging. It made me feel like it's the best thing that ever happened to me.

Plus it’s amazing performance with immediate results just makes me love it more every day.


The suspension can be used for many workout ranges. I use it for my muscle building, whenever I want to burn calories, and it improves my overall flexibility and endurance.

Certified Personal Trainers

It's one of the major brands that is common worldwide. At least over 40,000 gyms in the world use these suspensions since its certified personal trainers. Plus I love using it since most major teams like the NBA and NFL teams use it for their workouts.


The suspension can be used in many places such as at home, even during road trips and when camping. I love it since can workout whenever and wherever I want to.


The suspension is very light weighted with an overall weight of 1.6 pounds. Its light weight makes it very portable and easy to carry around without feeling tired.

Final Words

Having read this review, am sure one of the above suspension trainers brands will fit your requirements. The models described above are designed to have very effective performances and with immediate results in less time span.

So don't rush into conclusion but instead take time and choose the best model for your workout. And with the right suspension trainer type that meets your requirements am sure that you will never regret your selections.

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