Best Dumbbells For Women – Guide and Reviews in 2018

Are you a woman looking for the best dumbbells for your workout session? Finding the best dumbbells for women is very important and so many women do not have any ideas on how to select the best dumbbells for their work outs.

And with various dumbbells brands currently in the market, the whole selecting process becomes tedious, time-consuming and complicated. A lot of dumbbells manufacturers claim that their brand models are the best so you will never know who is telling the truth and who is just giving out a publicity stunt.

Arnold highlights how effective arm blasters were in helping him build strong arm muscles. The products are now becoming popular in the modern world where almost everybody is concerned about fitness.

To choose your best dumbbells for women, you should have a number of factors that will guide you through the selecting process. So this review will help you through the whole selection process and since it contains five best-rated dumbbells am sure you will be able to find what suits you.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Dumbbells For Women

Purchasing dumbbells for your workout without having factors to consider can be futile. And so it's very necessary to have these factors so that they can guide you on finding the best dumbbells for women.

Type Of Grip

I don't think anybody in their right mind would even think of purchasing dumbbells with slippery handles. But what I know is that most people prefer having dumbbells that have a non-slippery grip that will always reduce chances of calluses.

The Design

I believe to have a safe workout environment, and it's always important to go for dumbbells that have designs that prevents them from rolling. A lot of women love dumbbells with either hexagon or oblong designs that make the dumbbells impossible to roll.

Multi-Purpose Ability

Women love possessing dumbbells that can be used in a variety of ways. So they always go for dumbbells that can fit most of the aerobic programs such as jogging and yoga. So having dumbbells that you can easily change its function and still performs effectively is necessary.


Some women love using the dumbbells for heavy weight exercises which will build their muscles and for this case the dumbbells to go for is the heavy weight dumbbells that have more weights. But for light weight exercises such as yoga and jogging dumbbells with less weight will do.


Depending on the dumbbells price, some women go for the cheaper dumbbells while other prefer the expensive one. Your financial situation will determine the price, and it's always advised always to go for what is affordable to you.

Recommended Best Dumbbells For Women

After a very in-depth search and countless testing the various dumbbells model brands in the market, I was able to come up with this list of the best dumbbells for women.

Product Image

Product Name

Editor Rating


Wacces Neoprene Dipped Coated Set of 2 Dumbbells Hand Weights Sets

Wacces Neoprene Dipped Dumbbells

Best Dumbbells For Women

Neoprene Body Sculpting Weights

Da Vinci Pair Of Neoprene Dumbbells

Da Vinci Pair Of Neoprene Dumbbells

ProSource Set of Two Neoprene Dumbbells Coated

ProSource Neoprene Dumbbells

Valeo Neoprene Hand Weight

Valeo Neoprene Hand Weight

Wacces Neoprene Dipped Coated Set of 2 Dumbbells Hand Weights Sets

Editor Rating:

Which woman wouldn't love to own a beautiful, functional dumbbell for her work outs?

The wacces dumbbell is a masterpiece when it comes to working out plus it always yields amazing results.

Great For Use In Any Fitness Class

The dumbbells can easily fit any fitness class use which makes it very effective and popular among women. It gives amazing results when it is used for muscles toning and also when it comes to cardio it gives the required high intensity for the workouts.

Light Weight

Each of this amazing dumbbells pair has a weight of 2 pounds. The 2-pound weight makes them light weighted and easy to use whenever one is working out with them. Plus one can easily move around with them.

Non-Slip Grip

Since dumbbells are designed for hand use only, the grip matters a lot. Mostly having a non-slip grip enables one to work out without the dumbbell slipping form the hands easily.

​Easy to Use

I think the dumbbells are the easiest workout equipment. It doesn't need professional expertise, and even workout beginners can easily use them without experiencing any challenges whatsoever.

Valeo Neoprene Hand Weight

There are so many dumbbells brands in the market right now, and with this model am sure your workout sessions will be more effective. It's a great piece for your diversified workouts, and they deliver impressively.

Comfortable Grip

The neoprene coating makes the dumbbells have this amazingly comfortable grip. Usually, the grip is very hard to slip from your hands, so one is sure that her fee and the floor is safely secured against external injuries.

Exercise Wall Chart

The exercise wall chart is very essential especially to the women beginners. The wall chart gives clear and brief workout guidelines and helps one when it comes to following a workout plan.

Enhances All Aerobic Exercise

The dumbbells are greatly known among women because they have that required diversified use. They can easily be used to carry out various aerobic exercises which is very economical.

Sold In Pairs

The dumbbells are always sold in pairs because it effectively performs when they are both used during a workout session. They have different weight configurations, and one has to choose the suitable weight which is between 2, 3, 5, 8 and 10 pounds.

Best Dumbbells For Women

Editor Rating:

It's a great masterpiece when it comes to its design. The elegance that comes with it is quite breathtaking with a vibrant color.

It just represents class and sophistication which is a key thing for women.

Cats Iron Wrap

The cast iron wrap of this dumbbell is quite impressive. It also has a thick coat of the most reliable and long lasting neoprene which gives it the required comfort. I never see the need of even using gloves whenever am using it to work out.

Heavyweight Exercise

The dumbbells are always used for performing heavy weight exercises that usually strengthen the cores. If you want to build muscles, then this is the best model brand for you. I love its much lighter aerobic workouts such as yoga and jogging.

Compact Size

It has a very small footprint which makes it very easy to store whenever they are not being used. It occupies less storage space. And it's very easy to carry around since they are small in size.

Oblong Design

The dumbbells have an oblong design that makes them impossible to roll. So when placing them on the floor be guaranteed that they will never move even a single inch.

Da Vinci Pair Of Neoprene Dumbbells

Editor Rating:

Most women attest their love for this model due to its sturdy constructions.

They also have an effective performance with best yield results that can be noticed after a week of workout sessions.

Weight Range

The Da Vinci dumbbells come in a variety of weight range which is why most women love this model. The weight ranges from 1.0 pound up to 8.0 pounds ina sequential manner

Hexagonal Design

The hexagonal design of this dumbbells model is very handy. It helps in securing the dumbbells position on the floor while preventing it at the same time from rolling on the floor.

Slip Free, Comfortable Grip

The dumbbells is covered with neoprene that makes its grip very comfortable. The coating also makes the grip be non-slippery, so chances of external injuries are eliminated completely


When it comes to women and multi-purposing, they are the best. And so does these dumbbells, they can be used in very many worksout sessions. They are always great when it comes to any fitness conditions, and yet they still manage to fit in perfectly

ProSource Set of Two Neoprene Dumbbells Coated

Editor Rating:

Just like any other ProSource models, these pair of dumbbells stands out from the rest.

It has so much to offer to its loyal users making it a darling to many. I love its sleek appearance too.


The dumbbells enable one to retain their weights without necessarily having to undergo the troubles of going to the gym. So it saves one the extra dimes that would have been used as gym fee. Plus its small size makes it very easy to transport and store.

Roll Free

The dumbbells have hexagon shapes that make it every impossible to roll over on the floor. So it makes the workout environment very safe and ideal since the dumbbells will retain their original placed position.

Color Corded Weight

The dumbbells usually come in very many wide ranges of colors. And each color stands or represents a specific weight. I remember wanting 5 pound dumbbells which came in purple color.

Nonslippery Handle

The dumbbells grip is nonslippery so it prevents calluses and makes the dumbbells securely handled. It has a colorful neoprene coating that makes it nonslippery which is totally amazing and no need of having gloves on.

Final verdict

Having gone through the review, I’m sure one of the described models will suit your needs perfectly. They are all designed to perform effectively and give you the best-anticipated results that you have always wanted.

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