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Looking for best arm blaster? You might be a beginner or have been in the gym for quite some time trying to get your arms bigger without any success so far. If you are in such a condition, this is the reason you are reading this article because it provides you with all you need to develop your biceps.

Introducing the arm blaster, the secret to building more mass on your biceps! An arm blaster is not a new product in the market. This is an incredible product that has been used long ago by fitness enthusiast like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold highlights how effective arm blasters were in helping him build strong arm muscles. The products are now becoming popular in the modern world where almost everybody is concerned about fitness.

For those fitness enthusiasts who admire Arnold, you can also make your biceps grow bigger with time when you have the best arm blaster. To help you get the best arm blaster on the market, I have done enough research and compiled top five products that you can choose to help you in your bodybuilding regime.

I'm going to review all these products in details so that you can be more informed about the best product that will suit your needs.

Things To Consider: Best Arm Blaster

Many people are not familiar with arm blasters because they are not common in the modern gyms. However, if you still want to get the best product, consider the following things when purchasing an arm blaster.


Comfort is very important when you are training. You need to look for an arm blaster that is perfectly padded on the shoulders and the neck area so that you can workout in the most comfortable way.

Ease of Use

An arm blaster should not be difficult to use. You should check a product with an ergonomic design such that it will be easy for you to use when you are working out. This will help you do your training conveniently for the best results.


In most cases, you will find these products come with adjustable straps so that all people can get a perfect fit by adjusting the straps. Most of the arm blasters you will come across feature a regular size to fit almost everybody.


You also need to get a product with a durable construction. As you know, arm blasters feature a metal in a harness. Always look for products with a durable construction such that you can use for many years when you are training.

Recommended Best Arm Blaster for Sale Review

​The following are top five arm blasters that you can depend on to workout your bicep muscles effectively and get the desired results.

Product Image

Product Name

Editor Rating


Heavy Duty New Arm Blaster Isolator Bodybuilding Bomber

Heavy Duty New Arm Blaster

Cap Barbell Unisex-adult Workouts Arm Blaster Black

Cap Barbell Workouts Arm Blaster 

Quality Arm Blaster Body Building

Farabi Arm Blaster

Best Arm Blaster

ARD CHAMPS Arm Blaster

Best Arm Blaster

Editor Rating:

Have you been trying to increase your biceps for a long time and you still do not get the best results?

I have a solution that will help you make your biceps bigger through effective workouts.

With an arm blaster, you can add the mass of your biceps within a short period. One such adorable product that will help you achieve the best results is the Heavy Duty New Arm Blaster Isolator. The product works by isolating your biceps when you are engaged in a variety of bicep curls.

Rigid Metal Design

This is a nicely and uniquely constructed product with a rigid metal design that helps in isolating your arms and shoulders when you are working out. The results is well-shaped biceps with more mass.


There is a heavy duty nylon webbing, a neoprene neck pad, and elbow pads that offer the user with comfort and protection. You can enjoy training for several hours without feeling fatigued.

​Adjustable Strap 

This arm blaster comes in one size that can fit everybody. With its quick and easy release adjustable strap, you can get a perfect fit depending on your body size.

​Easy to Use

The arm blaster features an ergonomic design that fits well around the torso region. It is easy to use and perfect for people who want to have bigger biceps.

Cap Barbell Unisex-adult Workouts Arm Blaster Black

Editor Rating:

Have you been trying to bulk up your biceps and it is taking longer than you think? Whether you workout at home or in the gym, you can get the Cap Barbell Unisex-adult Workouts Arm Blaster to provide you with the required stability and isolation when you are training.

This black blaster can be used by both men and women working hard to make bigger biceps. It comes with these features.

Reinforced Shoulder Strap

The shoulder straps are designed from a nylon material that is not only durable but also very comfortable. You can get the best fit by adjusting the straps to suit your body size.

Ergonomic Padding

The inside of the product features a high-density foam to offer an additional level of comfort when you are working out. This will help you to train for many hours to get better results.

Stability and Isolation

This is the primary aim of buying an arm blaster. This model is professionally made to help people looking forward to boosting their biceps and triceps by providing maximum stability and isolation when you are training.

Quality Arm Blaster 4mm Neoprene Padded for Body Building

Editor Rating:

After hitting the gym for several months, I was almost discouraged because it was taking too long to notice a change on by biceps. Was I training wrong or the workouts were just not perfect for me?

I researched for more information on how to increase your biceps and this is where I came across the Quality Arm Blaster 4mm that helped many people train and increase the mass of their biceps.

I tried using this arm blaster, and now I have significantly increased the mass of my biceps. You too can try this product, and I know you will love working out. Here are some of the things that I love about this product.

Top Quality Biceps Isolator

Isolating the arms and the shoulders when you are working out is one way that will help you develop strong bicep muscles. This high-quality blaster ensures that your elbows and back stay locked in a curling position for the most effective workouts.

Thick Gauge Aluminum

This is a workout tool that you can use for so many years to come. Its strong aluminum body is designed to last so you can enjoy training more often.

Adjustable Belt

You can adjust the fitting of this blaster based on the size of your body. The webbed nylon belt features neck strap and heavy metal buckle to it in place and secure.

Foam Neck Padding

Stay comfortable throughout your workout with this foam padded arm blaster. The foam neck padding ensures that you don't get strain on your neck during workouts.

Farabi Arm Blaster Bicep Isolater Bar Tricep Curl Bomber Fitness Gym Training

Editor Rating:

Most of us admire Arnold Schwarzenegger's biceps. There is only one secret to getting those perfectly shaped biceps, and that is through the use of an arm blaster.

A good arm blaster that will help isolate your arms and shoulders when you are engaged in dumpell exercises is the Farabi Arm Blaster Bicep Isolater.

This product works miracles, and you need to try it when working out and you will thank me later.

Shoulder Pad

The blaster is designed with a thick neoprene shoulder and elbow pad to keep your biceps up every time you are lifting the workout bar. This gives you a perfect curling position best for effective bicep workouts.

Adjustable Strap

Comfort is very important when you are engaged in any workout. The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to fit the blaster well. It also features a neoprene neck pad that brings additional comfort.

Contoured Design

Isolating muscles bring about quick growth. This is why the blaster is designed with a unique contoured design that isolates the muscles to promote growth.

ARD CHAMPS Heavy Duty Arm Blaster

Editor Rating:

Do you want to get mind-blowing biceps without the use of any supplements or other products? Try the ARD CHAMPS Heavy Duty Arm Blaster in your next gym classes, and you will be able to increase the mass and size of your biceps.

As compared to other arm blasters, this one is designed with neck padding to eliminate any discomfort that you are likely to experience when you are working out.

Contoured Design

The main aim of this design is to help the shoulders and the hands stay in an isolated position. This also keeps the elbows in a curling position so you can work out effectively for the best results.

Heavy Metal Buckle

The last thing you would want when training is an arm blaster that keeps on slipping. To prevent this from happening, this blaster comes with a heavy steel buckle that helps to maintain the belt in the right position.

High-Quality Arm Blaster

This is a top quality product that will help you improve your bicep muscles. It is used to tighten bicep curls hence giving you the opportunity to build strong and lean muscles.

Final verdict

Arm blasters work miracles in helping you increase your bicep mass. With this piece of workout equipment, your arms are locked on the grooved side of each metal plate of the unit hence helping you workout your biceps effectively.

The main purpose of having this equipment when you are working out is to isolate the biceps. This forces your biceps to work harder because your elbows are held firmly in place.

If you are looking forward to the growth of your muscles, then you need to get any of these arm blasters reviewed in this article, and you will love seeing your bicep mass increase gradually.

All the products covered here are comfortable and allow you to workout effectively. They also come at affordable prices. So why don't you try one and see how fast you are going to grow your biceps?

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