Best Free Standing Pull Up Bar – Guide and Reviews in 2017

Looking for best free standing pull up bar? Fitness is one of the most important issues in today's life. It has been for the better part of human existence that they have always been concerned with keeping fit and the means for this have been varied and ever changing.

As ages have passed mode and more innovation has crept into the fitness business and these days it is not uncommon to see all manner of innovations that aid with making people's fitness dreams come true.

Pull up bars are some of the most recent innovations. There are many kinds of pull up bars but the kind people hear about most often, and because of this can be considered most popular, is the free standing variety.

As the name suggests there is not a lot of dependency on this device, it is free standing and will be able to serve the user on its own without need of any other accompanying device.

This article provides information on these most wonderful devices, and the user is urged to read on to find out as much as they can about these devices. The choices they make ultimately will depend on how much information they have.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Free Standing Pull Up Bar

There are some factors that if considered during free standing pull up bar selection would provide the best results.

Weight Support

When a user goes out and considers buying any of the numerous types of free standing pull up bars, they will most likely have a list of things to consider. Of these perhaps the most key will be that of weight support.

The user wants to know that the device he is buying is well capable of handling his weight and in a broader sense, can handle a range of Weights since it is the case that humans have wildly differing weight levels. This is a thing that should not be overlooked.


Another thing that will most likely be a cause of concern is that of installation. When a user buys his or her device, it is almost obvious that it will come in a disassembled form that will then have to be put together when the buyer finally manages to get it to his place.

This means that the user has to know how the different parts of the machine all for together and whether this process is one he can do on his own. If not then the device is not worth it.

Exercise Support

You need a device which is capable of handling different exercise regimes. Having such a device is one of the most obvious advantages that a user should demand to have on his side.

The user should know to look for devices which have features that permit some exercises to be carried out. It will be a cost saving thing in the end because they will not have to buy some equipment when one can do the job nicely.

Ease of Use

When a buyer is considering which device to choose it would do well to consider the matter of ease of use. It helps very little to have a device that has all the right features but is difficult to use.

It will not help the user in any way and will most likely be a hindrance. It is important for the user to look at these matters before making any purchase. If the device is not easy to use, it helps little to have it around.


Obviously, the cost cannot be ignored. The user should know to look for devices that can offer the best levels of service for the least amount of money. This will help them save on costs but at the same time get the most they can from their devices.

This is a very important advantage that every user must look to get if they are looking for the best deal.

Recommended Best Free Standing Pull Up Bar

These devices were hard to go through while searching for the best of them. However after a lot of effort the following five were discovered to be the best.

Product Image

Product Name

Editor Rating


Body Champ Power Tower

Body Champ Power Tower

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Weider Power Tower

Weider Power Tower

Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

Body Champ Power Tower

Editor Rating:

This is a free standing bar that is well recommended by all and will serve for very long periods of time.

The user can be assured of the device lasting a very long time. The construction and all other matters on the device point to it being one that will last a very long time.

Safety Features

It is a safe device, and this is made known by the way the device is made. There are measures to prevent any accidents. This safety is a thing that should please all users.

Varied Exercise Options

It can support some exercises and the range does depend on the innovation of the user. This means that the device can act as a substitute for some others. This should also please a lot of users.


It has been made sturdy so as to be able to withstand all effort that will be exerted on it. This makes it suitable for all kinds of exercise.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Editor Rating:

This is a pull-up bar that is well known and very much respected by all people. It has some standout features

Has a guide that means it will be very easy to use by any user even one who is inexperienced and would find other devices hard to use.

Hanging Spots

Has hanging spots that a user should be able to use to hang things such as towels and other accessories. These make the business of handling your stuff while exercising very easy.

Easy Adjustable

Can be adjusted for height to prevent a user who is uncomfortable being stuck in one mode that will not serve him well.

Stable Base

The base is stable and easy to be able to accommodate the weight of any user. That is how it makes every workout session satisfactory to the user.

Weider Power Tower

Editor Rating:

There are some devices that are good but this one makes things much better, and that is why it is on this list.

Weight support is a big issue that shouldn't be ignored. This device has good weight support and will be safe for the user.

Quality Steel Construction

It is made of pure steel, and this material is good enough to be able to offer the user all kinds of comfort. There are no better materials for this device than steel and its components.

Perfectly Engineered

Has a good design that complements the nature of the device and makes it better to use. This makes the bar one that users can use for all purposes safely and also expect this best of service.


It is neither too tall nor too short but is just of the best height for users to engage with. This helps them with their exercising, and they don't strain too much.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Editor Rating:

The fourth device is also among the best and in this case, is very simple and durable.

It offers a comfortable environment for more effective workouts.

Simple Design

The design is a matter of importance. In this device, the design is very simple and good. It makes for easy exercising but doesn't interfere with the other parts of the device.

Extra Accessories

Has other added bits that help the device be one that can be used for all manner of exercises. These accessories add value to it and improve its performance.


It has the lightest weight because it is made of some of the best metals with this quality. This makes it easy to handle the device because it is not heavy to carry. Users will surely appreciate this kind of advantage.

Stable Construction

While users may have issues with other devices because the stability offered isn't enough, in this one the case is that the device is as stable as can be. This makes it able to support weights easily.

Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

Editor Rating:

The last device had to be on this list because it is simply one of the best. It has some features to back this assertion up.

When the user buys it, there are issues with fitting the device together. With this device there are no such issues, the fitting is easy and doesn't cause the user any problems.

Lightweight Design

It is one of the best devices because of the weight issue. The metal that is used to build the device is very light. This makes for very easy time carrying it around and using it in different places.

Good Design

It has an excellent design that is intuitive and also very functional and efficient. This makes the user who has this device will benefit from these benefits of this device.


Can support hundreds of exercises because the design allows for lots of innovation. This means that the user can save on other kinds of exercising equipment that would have cost a lot. At the same time, they can do a lot of exercises for their health.

Final Words

These five will offer all kinds of good work to the user. They all have varied features that give them different advantages and therefore a user can get the most out of whichever device of these they chose.

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