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How to Balance Exercise and Rest

Fitness is fun, it’s liberating, it makes you feel good, and it helps you build the body of your dreams in addition to leading a healthy lifestyle overall. With all of the benefits of exercise you are reaping on a daily basis, there seems to be no reason why you shouldn’t be working out every […]

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The Benefits of Weightlifting

Contrary to popular belief, there is much more to lifting weights than simply sculpting an enviable physique, as regular resistance training boasts a myriad of health benefits that can dramatically increase your quality of life, health, and general well-being. In fact, lifting weights on a regular basis paired with a healthy and sound nutrition plan […]

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5 of the Greatest Indoor Workouts on a Pull Up Bar

Expensive workout equipment and gym sessions aren’t the only solutions to getting leaner and stronger muscles. With the right technique and the classic but inexpensive pull up bar, you’ll be able to get the physique you want without leaving your home or breaking your budget. For a great indoor workout, here are some of the […]

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Health GK

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