Eat and Exercise Your Way to Healthy Weight Loss

A verse from Romans 14:1-23 inspired me to write this article. If you seriously want to lose some pounds or want to stay healthy, then Bible is the best guide for to those who follow.

Following the best diet plans is much easier than it may seem at first.  You might be cutting calories for a few weeks, but with the help of the appetite-suppressing and hormone-regulating HCG drops diet, along with the right foods and exercise regimen, you’ll be on your way to meeting your weight goals in due time.  So here are some ideas for eating and exercising your way to improved health and trim physique.

Some general guidelines to follow include:

  • Drink a LOT of water throughout the day, especially right before a meal
  • Try to schedule your HCG dosage around mealtimes so you’re not eating or drinking thirty minutes before or after taking the drops.
  • Incorporate as much soluble fiber as you can. This means leafy green vegetables and other color varieties (bell peppers, for instance, and carrots) along with most fruits and berries.
  • Incorporate healthy protein choices, like lean meats and poultry and of course, fish. Other sources include nuts and legumes.
  • In the latter diet phases, whole grains are ok but avoid simple carbs.

The following are some selections for each of the three meals; however, an alternative to the three-squares a day is to break up larger meals into smaller, more frequent meals to cut down on cravings or dizziness.

Sample Menus

Breakfast Options:

  • Fruit salad (with nuts sprinkled) or smoothie (Mixing fruit with Greek yogurt cuts down on carb content and increases protein intake)
  • One poached or hard-boiled egg and one or two slices of turkey bacon
  • One-egg omelet with choice of vegetables (chopped and sautéed or pan-seared) as the filling
  • One cup of cooked oatmeal (steel-cut; may have to soak overnight) sprinkled with almond slivers or chopped walnuts and cinnamon and clove

Lunch Options:

  • Leaf Lettuce Wraps with sliced turkey or chicken, sliced avocado and tomato flavored with Dijon mustard (optional)
  • Vegetable soup (homemade ahead of time and portioned out for daily servings)
  • “Ants on a Log” (a childhood favorite of celery sticks with peanut or almond butter and sprinkled with raisins, craisins, or both)
  • Chicken salad

Dinner Options:

  • Main dish—three ounces of fish or other seafood, chicken, turkey, pork, or VERY lean beef
  • Garden or Caesar Salad (throw in some kale for more nutritional value)
  • Side of pan-seared or steamed vegetable of choice or baked sweet potato sprinkled with allspice and cinnamon
  • Mixed berries for dessert

Aside from partaking of a much healthier and more heart smart diet, you will be burning calories by integrating some sort of regular activity at least every other day.  Consistent exercise can help you to avoid a plateau or to break free of one if you find yourself in such a predicament.  Not only that, you’ll be building up muscle and energy levels.  The following is just a sample of a weekly routine.  By all means, make sure to vary up your workouts so as not to get bored or burned out.

Exercise Routine

Monday: Thirty-minute brisk walk or light jog; strength training

Tuesday: “Break” from rigorous activity. Try some Yoga or Tai Chi (or some other exercise where mostly stretching is involved) instead.

Wednesday: Thirty-minute walk, jog, or swim; OR 45-minute cross training (combining strength training with two-minute segments of low-impact cardio.)

Thursday: Thirty-minute walk and stretching afterward

Friday: Repeat workouts similar to Monday and Wednesday but make sure to give at least a day’s rest in between strength training sessions.

Basically, that is just the beginning of the roadmap that points out the direction toward your ideal weight and rejuvenated health.

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