3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Breast Implant Surgery

Though the factors which constitute to a perfect breast implant varies greatly for each and every individual. Yet to get the most out of your breast implants-there are certainly few aspects that require an understanding of. And needs to be given importance.

While breast augmentation surgery restores or increases the breast size using Saline implants. Silicone implants, or fat infusion in some case. The results in all the cases return satisfactory when in addition to training credentials. And experience of surgeon, you keep your goals realistic.

Breast Implant Surgery

The chance to visualize your own results starts with seeing the quality of your surgeon’s work. You can always pen down the questions you need to ask the surgeon during your consultation. Such as your fears, your worries, your health condition, your expectations, your breast augmentation goals etc.

Breast augmentation is the most demanded plastic surgery. And has a long a successful track record in making women happy for their desire of regaining, enhancing, or even restoring their natural figures. This success of Breast augmentation in Atlanta is also shared to a great extent by Crispin Plastic Surgery center-a place for excellent and cosmetic surgery procedures.

To get the most out of your breast implant surgery we do emphasis on choosing the right surgeon. Therefore suggest you to visit Crispin Plastic Surgery for consultation. We also recommend you to look at the before and after pictures to understand what you need to look for and how to compare results.

Moreover, the tips mentioned below are the three crucial aspects for getting the best out of your breast implant surgery, breast lift, or breast reduction:

#1- Keller Funnel Method

Keller Funnel is a recent advancement in breast augmentation surgery and has been recognized by most surgeons. It enables inserting the breast implant via a specialized funnel and without touching the breast.

The implant is inserted into the funnel and dropped inside, and placed directly into the breast pocket. The technique allows the skin to stay contamination free as the surgeon never handles the implant; thus the surgery stays safe and minimizes any risk of complication.

#2- Inframammary Incisions

For breast augmentation there are generally three different incision processes for inserting the implant. Inframammary incision is the most popular option amongst the others. In this, the incision is made just beneath the breast that improves precision.

Apart from the advantage mentioned above, inframammary incision allows hiding the scar under the curve of the breast. For the women who fear scar mostly choose this incision process, moreover it makes the movement easier as to other incisions.

#3- Choosing the Right Surgeon

As mentioned above, choosing the right surgeon is the key factor in achieving the right results. The surgeon you choose will act as your main driving force throughout the breast augmentation process from consultation to the point of surgery.

A board certified surgeon will not only know what and how to do and what will suit you but will also be able to deliver the best results. Communication with your surgeon is also important as your questions and thoughts will be answered best when the surgeon is friendly.


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